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Kenwood portable radios
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Переговорная система DECT WD-K10SRS
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Projection image parameters calculator

Select projector from list below or enter technical data

If projector was not found in list above, the necessary data can be found in its technical documentation:
Projector ratio
Projector contrast:   :1 (to one)
Projector luminous flux, lumen:

Specify the type of data available, and enter values (other values will be calculated):   Focal length f range from   to  ; chip size

Zoom ratio range (ratio of projection
distance D to image size W) from to

Enter projection screen data:

Enter the number   and select its type:     AV Stumpfl mobile screens     AV Stumpfl installation screens
If you use another screen, unselect the checkbox above and enter the value of screen gain from technical documentation:

Estimate the ambient light level

The light level can be measured by different units, the most popular of which is a "lux". Illumination goes greater when the light source is brighter and decreases with the illuminated area grouth. You can measure the light with any device or estimate it using next samples: - light from a candle from 30 cm distance gives the illumination of 10,764 lux
- a quarter of the moon - 0.01 lux
- a full moon on a clear night - 0.27 lux
- the street with a few lights at night - 3.4 lux
- living room in an apartment building - 50 lux
- an office with bright illumination - 320-500 lux
- a cloudy day or a television studio - 1000 lux
- a sunny day with indirect lighting - 10000-25000 lux.
Ambient light level, lux

Calculated data

Screen diagonal, inch ?   Screen width, cm ?   Screen height, cm ?   Screen area, m2 ?
The distance between projector and screen can be in range from ?   to ?  m
Real brightness, lux ?
The intensity of light reflected from the illuminated surface called luminosity. The British unit of luminosity - ft-L. The default value for cinema projection is 14-16 ft-L, so if you use the projector for watching movies at home is considered to be the ideal range of values 10-18 ft-L. Second common units for luminosity is a candle per square meter (cd/m2).
So, luminosity of screen is, cd/m2 ?   or ft-L ?  
Visible image contrast ?
Enter projector technical data