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Kenwood portable radios
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New models
Видеокамера JVC JY-HM360
Смена модельного ряда JVC KENWOOD 2017
Видеокамера JVC JY-HM360
Презентация проекторов 2017
Микросайт JVC DLA-Z1
Переговорная система DECT
JVC 4K Проектор DLA-Z1

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Main showroom Coda ltd invites to work together electronic shops online and offline; installers of car audio and home theaters, system integrators and purchasing departments of large companies. We offer an opportunity to get electronics of JVC, Kenwood and other brands directly at the lowest price, quickly and safely.
Our site offer personalized information for registered customers and dealers. After registering and status confirmation (will be done by our staff), you will be able to buy with discount. You will receive access to special personal price list. Web shops wil be provided with XML-file for automatic data upload.
To obtain dealer status you need to create an account, to write letter with brief information about your company or with link to your corporative web-site. Please, write your login and send this letter to jvc@coda.ru You can call +7-495-2312181, +7-495-6122683 or +7-495-6144230 to discuss all prices and to solve any question.